Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the largest and fastest growing threat to human health. Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME) established the Iranian Non-Communicable Diseases Committee (INCDC) in 2015 to tackle the high burden of NCDs. In line with the WHO’s Global Action Plan, the INCDC developed “The National Action Plan for Prevention and Control of NCDs” and the related risk factors in Iran, 2015–2025”, which was then revised to cover until 2030.


In this policy synthesis study, we conducted a content analysis of upstream and other policy documents related to NCDs and relevant risk factors in Iran.


We used multiple streams model to illustrate the proactive approach that led to development of the national action plan.


While countries are accelerating their efforts to reach SDG 3.4, Iran’s pathway, as a WHO fast track country, will help, we envisage, other countries to scale up their active efforts to move steps forward to tackle the ever- highest burden of NCDs in their own settings.


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