Abstract Heavy metals are a group of pollutants in biological sludge. Many agencies regulated guidelines for heavy metal concentrations for various applications of sludge such as agricultural application. In this study, we tried to determine […]
ABSTRACT Exposure to disinfection by-products can occur through various pathways such as inhalation, dermal contact, and ingestion for swimmers. In the present study, swimming exposure to disinfection by-products through ingestion and dermal route at the […]
Abstract The general goal of this data was to determine the concentration of fluoride and assess its risk in waters bottled in Iran. Seventy-one samples of different brands of bottled water were collected. Then, the […]
Abstract The 9th Global conference on health promotion (Shanghai 2016) reaffirmed the role of primary health care (PHC) in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Gaining much international recognition, the community-based health planning and services […]