This article explores the concept of institutionalization, which is the process of transforming ideas into programs and automating actions, in the context of health system governance and sustainable development. Institutionalization is a key mechanism for creating accountable and transparent institutions, which are essential for achieving health system resilience and sustainability. This study identifies the components and dimensions of institutionalization in the health system and its relationship with good governance and sustainable health development.

Main text

We applied a scoping review method in five steps. First, we formulated a question for our research. Then, we concluded a comprehensive literature search in five electronic databases for identifying relevant studies. This review has two phases: identifying the concept of institutional approach and its components in health system, and its relationship with good governance to reach Sustainable Health Development (SHD). The third step was study selection, and the 1st author performed data abstraction. The key issues which are identified in our review, related to the concepts of SDH, its goals, pillars and principles; positive peace; good governance; components of institutional approach components, and their relations. Finally, we summarized and organized our findings in a format of a proposed conceptual framework, to underpin the role of institutionalization in the health system to achieve sustainable development.


Institutionalization is a key concept for achieving positive peace and good governance, which requires meaningful involvement of leaders, politicians, civil society, and public participation. It also depends on the conditions of justice, human rights, transparency, accountability and rule of law. In the wake of COVID-19, institutionalization is more crucial than ever for advancing sustainable development, especially in the context of low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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