Since its launch in 2007, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) framework for strengthening health systems’ has been widely considered as a global action plan to improve health outcomes. The framework is viewed as reliable criteria […]
Abstract Background On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) a global pandemic. Starting in December 2019 from China, the first cases were officially announced on February 19 […]
Abstract Background Various studies have used multiple attribute decision making (MADM) techniques to assess and rank health technologies.  The goal of the present study was to prioritize health technologies using various techniques of MADMs in […]
Abstract Background Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has revealed a series of unprecedented challenges to Communicable Disease Surveillance Systems (CDSS) globally. This study aimed to determine the opportunities of and barriers to CDSS during the COVID-19 […]
Abstract Background Refugees’ access to quality healthcare services might be compromised, which can in turn hinder universal health coverage (UHC), and achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), ultimately. Objective: This article aims to illustrate the status […]
Abstract Purpose Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) count for over 80% of premature death worldwide. More than 76% of the total burden of diseases in Iran is devoted to NCDs. In line with the World Health Organization […]
Abstract Background Unmet need is a critical indicator of access to healthcare services. Despite concrete evidence about unmet need in Iran’s health system, no recent evidence of this negative outcome is available. This study aimed […]
Abstract Background Integrated early childhood development (IECD) is a comprehensive approach to optimal development of children in different developmental domains from fetal stage to eight years of age. The aim of this study was to […]
Abstract Backgroud Health inequities are among debatable and challenging aspects of health systems. Achieving equity through social determinants of health approach has been mentioned in most upstream national plans and acts in Iran. This paper […]
زمینه و هدف نیازهای جامعه در حوزه سلامت عمومی‌ به سرعت تغییر می‌کند. دانشکده‌های بهداشت باید دانشجویان خود را برای دنیای همواره در حال تغییر آماده کنند. اما همچنان ارزش و مسئولیت اصلی بهداشت عمومی، […]
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