Abstract Background Iran considers the revision of its health insurance benefit package (HIBP) as a means to achieve universal health coverage (UHC). Yet, its decision-making process has been criticised for being weak in terms of […]
Abstract Due to the sanctions imposed by the USA government upon the Iranian health system, achieving the UHC might face some financial problems. This study aimed to make the best solution for the Iran health […]
Background Reducing inequities in access to healthcare is one of the most important goals for all health systems. Financial barriers play a fundamental role here. People with disability (PWD) experience further financial barriers in access […]
Abstract Following his inauguration in late 2013, President Rouhani aimed to boost quality and equity in the health care delivery system. To fulfill this aim, a set of interventions, called Health Transformation Plan (HTP), were […]
Abstract Background Building upon decades of continuous reforms, Iran has been implementing various initiatives to reach universal health coverage (UHC). Improving efficiency is a crucial intermediate policy objective for UHC. Therefore, this article aimed to measure […]
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