Abstract Objective: Iran is one of the main hosts of Afghan refugees. This study aims to provide comprehensive evidence to increase Afghan migrants’ access to healthcare services in Iran. Methods: To assess the health system’s response to […]
Abstract Context: Health systems’ main mission is to improve society’s well-being and fulfill their health needs. Objectives: This study aimed to describe the intrinsic and extrinsic events that had influenced Iran’s health system over the previous decade, […]
نوزدهمین ژورنال کلاب مرکز تحقیقات عدالت در سلامت به صورت حضوری در تاریخ 24 آبان ماه 1401 با حضور گرم علاقه مندان برگزار شد در این جلسه از سلسه ژورنال کلاب های مرکز تحقیقات عدالت […]
برگزاری نوزدهمین ژورنال کلاب مرکز تحقیقات عدالت در سلامت این مرکز در نظر دارد تا در تاریخ 24 آبان ماه 1401 از ساعت 11 الی 12 نوزدهمین ژورنال کلاب خود را برای اولین بار به […]
Background To improve healthcare services’ quality, countries should measure their health systems’ efficiency and performance by robust methods. Objectives We aimed to develop a national study to measure the efficiency of the health system in […]
Abstract Background Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are the first reason for death worldwide, in which poor diet is the leading risk factor. It is estimated that 20% of all death is related to food. The Unhealthy […]
Abstract Introduction Health is one of the main dimensions of social policies that governments adopt with the aim of reducing social inequalities. The economic and political structure in Iran has made the importance government›s approach […]
Objectives With the application of a systems thinking lens, we aimed to assess the national COVID-19 response across health systems components in Switzerland, Spain, Iran, and Pakistan. Methods We conducted four case studies on the […]
مقدمه سلامت یکی از اصلی ترین ابعاد سیاست های اجتماعی است که دولت ها با هدف کاهش نابرابری های اجتماعی اتخاذ می کنند. ساختار اقتصادی سیاسی در ایران سبب شده تا رویکرد دولت نقش مهم […]