Dear Editor-in-Chief Health Technology Assessment (HTA) program in Iran has just passed 10th anniversary of attendance in Iran health system. Amount and quality of published studies such as systematic review, meta-analysis and economic evaluation reports […]
Introduction The patients ‘satisfaction with health service is one of the five indicators of quality evaluation in health care programs. This study aimed to identify the attributes related to the non-satisfaction of insurance coverage among […]
خدمات سلامت به دلیل ماهیتشان عموما از قیمت های بالایی برخوردارند اما تمامی افراد قادر به پرداخت آنها نیستند مخصوصا در صورتی که بیماری و مشکل ایجاد شده از نوع مزمن و یا نادر باشد. […]