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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) program in Iran has just passed 10th anniversary of attendance in Iran health system. Amount and quality of published studies such as systematic review, meta-analysis and economic evaluation reports on emerging health technologies indicates that HTA program has reached to a well situation in producing scientific evidence. Although there are some challenges such as using evidence in decision making process, conflict of interests of decision makers and weak legal capacity, using HTA reports in regulatory system are gradually increased. One of the main policy in health care system in near future is revising Health Insurance Benefits Package (HIBP). HIBP consists of near 10 000 diagnostic and treatment services which has been included in the HIBP implicitly over time. Change in burden of diseases, lack of transparency in coverage decision making process and need to use scientific evidence and cost conscious thinking make it necessary to revise the HIBP. Revising HIBP is considered as an opportunity to improve position of HTA in insurance coverage
decision making process. But what is role of HTA in revising HIBP?


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