Non-Communicable disease (NCDs) is a killer of people that needs to urgent actions across the world. Scientific evidence is the critical arm for effective interventions. Therefore, we aimed to quantify the trend of four main NCDs’ scientific publication in a 17-yr period, and reflect international collaboration.


This scientometric study on four main NCDs; cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases were carried out through the narrative review in international databases of Scopus from 2000 to 2016. In this way, the number of articles, citations, and international collaboration were assessed, and the frequently used terms on noncommunicable diseases were mapped by VOSviewer software.


Over the 17 years, 25827 articles about four main NCDs by Iran indexed in Scopus have increasing trend steadily. However, chronic obstructive respiratory publications have slow trend. The number of articles, citations, and h index of cancer-related publications was higher than the others. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic respiratory diseases scientometrics indicators state in next positions, respectively. The most collaborative country was USA in the four areas, and there was not seen region countries’ collaboration in top ten levels. The frequently used terms in NCDs’ articles in order were diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and breast cancer.


Iran provides appropriate face of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases publications in the mirror of NCDs’ scientometry. However, there is need for more effort in chronic respiratory diseases researches, and strengthen collaboration with regional countries.


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