Health policy can be defined as an agreement and consensus on a health-related program and set of actions taken to achieve the goals expected by programs in the area of policy. Policy analysis involves a wide range of methods, techniques, and tools in a way to reach awareness of the impacts of the developed and implemented policies. Whereas policy analysis in developed countries has a long history, in developing countries, it is instead in its first developing stages. Our paper aimed to collect systematically the studies using health policy triangle framework in doing analysis in one of the health policy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean region organization.


To conduct our literature search, ISI/Web of Science, PubMed/MEDLINE, Embase, The Cochrane Library, Global Health Database, Scopus, as well as Google Scholar from 2003 up to June 2020 were systematically mined. To evaluate the methodological quality of the included studies, the Critical Appraisal Skills Program checklist was used.


We selected 30 studies, conducted between 2011 and 2020. According to the findings of these studies, in the Eastern Mediterranean region, organization region, and the role of evidence-based research in policy-making has been repeatedly emphasized, but its use in health program decision-making has been limited, and health research systems in Eastern Mediterranean region organization are still under scrutiny. There is still a gap between evidence-based research in health systems and its use in policy-making.


Based on the present systematic review, studies based on policy analysis should focus on all the elements of health policies and provide evidence to inform decisions that can strengthen health systems, improve health and improve existing inequalities.


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