The general goal of this data was to determine the concentration of fluoride and assess its risk in waters bottled in Iran. Seventy-one samples of different brands of bottled water were collected. Then, the fluoride concentration was measured through standard method for water and wastewater experiments. The non-carcinogenicity risk of fluoride for different groups of infants, children, teenagers, and adults was calculated by proper formula. The data presented here indicated that the mean concentration of fluoride in bottled waters was 0.272 mg/L, which is lower than the minimum world health organization (WHO) guideline. Further, the mean hazard quotient (HQ) values for fluoride across the groups of infants, children, teenagers, and adults with respective values of 0.0363, 0.2568, 0.1813, and 0.1452 were observed in 0, 1, 1, and 0 cases of HQ>1. Generally, in most of the tested brands, HQ value was less than 1, and this value was above 1 in only one brand of bottled water.


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