The sustainable development goals include 17 goals, one of which is exclusively related to health. The aim of this study was to assess the status of indicators of sustainable development goals related to health in Iran compared to countries in the region and the WHO countries.


Secondary data were used to examine the status of indicators of sustainable development goals related to health. The data reported by the World Health Organization in 2017, the World Bank, and other available resources at the international levels such as the UN and UNICEF were addressed. The indicators according to which the situation in Iran was below the average of the region were selected for further exploration and analysis. A checklist, which met the research objectives, was used for data collection.


The status of the maternal mortality ratio (25 in 100,000 people), incidence of tuberculosis) 16 in 100,000 people), and incidence of malaria (0.5 in 1000 people) was favorable. The indicators with an unfavorable status in Iran compared to the regional average were the mortality due to natural disasters, unintentional poisoning, road traffic injuries, and alcohol consumption per capita.


Iran has achieved many SDGs goals; however, there is a need for carefully designed plans for controlling and reducing some indicators. Prioritizing indicators in which Iran has had little success should be taken seriously by decision makers.


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