Abstract Background: Health policy analysis as a multi-disciplinary approach to public policy illustrates the need for interventions that highlight and address important policy issues, improve the policy formulation and implementation process and lead to better health […]
Abstract Given that average salt intake among Iranians is approximately 10–15 g per day particularly from sodium hidden in bread, cheese, and fast food; lowering this mineral has been followed up seriously in this country […]
Introduction As a building block of all health systems and a multi-sectoral domain, eHealth has a critical role to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly universal health coverage (UHC). Our objective was […]
Background One of the most important dimensions of strategic purchasing is to consider what kind of service should be purchased, how to set up a basic health insurance package, and how much health care must […]
Abstract Background About 30% of children < 5 years old are estimated to experience vitamin A deficiency worldwide. Globally, vitamin A deficiency can be reduced by five major interventions: supplementation, dietary modification, fortification, promotion of both public […]
Abstract BACKGROUND The trend of non-communicable diseases is alarmingly increasing and tobacco consumption and exposure to its smoke have been playing the leading role. Thirty-seven Ethiopians deaths per day are attributable to tobacco. Unless appropriately […]