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Latest publications, papers and researches done by the center.

Health Equity Research Center’s Journal Club which is held every other Tuesday  with the paper’s author presenting their work.

This lecture series aims to empower the population and also be an educational foundation for students, researchers, policy-makers, and all who are interested in such subjects

About us

The center for equity research in healthcare

Our structure, function and more…

Our Mission Statement

1.Gathering data

By using scientific methods and utilizing the research capacity in fields such as healthcare and equity the center tries to produce knowledge, ideas and innovation.

2.utilization of the data

The center wants to provide healthcare managers and policy makers with necessary evidence to make sure that the interventions and decisions lead to the provision, maintenance and promotion of community health as well as the health equity.

3.promotion of health and equity

By explaining the concept of equity in health to organizations inside and outside the health system, the center tries to undertake the role of promoting health to achieve a healthier life. working and improving

By emphasizing the inter-sectional cooperation and the community involvement and by connecting them in a chained set of relationships, responsibility and sharing, the center tries to promote the status of social determinants of health in the population covered by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences

5.identification of social determinants of health

By identifying the social determinants that lead to inequities in health in our community through research, we try to understand and address the issue from it’s roots and find the most suitable solutions for the faced problems. of the vulnerable group

By finding the roots of the problem and the best solutions we can also create a system that is aware of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, their needs and knows how to protect them.


-Health equity

-Social determinants of health

-Measuring performance of healthcare system

-Financial protection plans for the most vulnerable


-Holding conferences, webinars, meetings etc. on subjects such as healthcare, SDH and more.

Network Building

-Connecting researchers, information and healthcare providers and policy makers

Activity and research fields

currently our center’s working in these areas…


Our wonderful team of founders, professionals, experts, researchers and authorities in different parts of the vast healthcare system help us achieve our goals and missions.
Here you can get to know them better !

Dr. Alireza Olyaeemanesh


Dr. Amirhossein Takian

deputy of research

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Latest activities of the center, publications, meetings, conferences and more…

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