Background The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human life has led to profound consequences in almost all societies worldwide, and this includes its significant impact on all aspects of health. Health equity has been […]
کتاب «کووید-19 و اهداف توسعه پایدار: تاثیرات اجتماعی» چگونگی تاثیر جهانگیری کووید-19 بر پیاده سازی اهداف توسعه پایدار سازمان ملل متحد را، با تمرکزی ویژه بر ابعاد اقتصادی-اجتماعی و کنترل ریسک در زمان در بحران، […]
Abstract In order to lessen health inequalities, the obstacles to health equity will need to be identified. This study aimed at investigating the barriers to access to health-care services from the medical ethics point of […]