Abstract Background Iran considers the revision of its health insurance benefit package (HIBP) as a means to achieve universal health coverage (UHC). Yet, its decision-making process has been criticised for being weak in terms of […]
مقدمه سلامت یکی از اصلی ترین ابعاد سیاست های اجتماعی است که دولت ها با هدف کاهش نابرابری های اجتماعی اتخاذ می کنند. ساختار اقتصادی سیاسی در ایران سبب شده تا رویکرد دولت نقش مهم […]
Background Formulation of cost efficiency of health insurance benefit package requires an evidence-based policy making, with efficient management of stakeholders, therefore, identifying the stakeholders and considering their characteristics and interests and also the position and […]
Abstract Objective Community-based initiatives have enormous potential to facilitate the attainment of universal health coverage (UHC) and health system development. Yet key gaps exist and threaten its sustainability in many low-income and middle-income countries. This […]
Abstract Background Achieving fair access to healthcare and improving population health are crucial in all settings. Properly staffed and fairly distributed primary health care (PHC) facilities are prerequisites to ensure accessible healthcare services. Nevertheless, availability […]
Background The financial protection against catastrophic and impoverishing health expenditures is one of the main aspects of the universal health coverage. This study aimed to present a clear picture of the financial protection situation in […]
Background This study aimed to identify the public preference in health services, the principles that Iranian people consider important, and the aspects of tradeoffs between different values in resource allocation practices. Methods This quantitative study […]
Abstract Introduction The most important goals of health insurance are to achive Universal Health Coverage (UHC), increase health financing risk protection and fair financial contribution. Therefore, the present study aimed to identifying and prioritizing interventions […]
Background The structure of the Iranian health system has raised this hypothesis that a part of the Knee Replacement Surgery (KRS) services are provided due to Physician-Induced Demand (PID). Methods This paper used an unbalanced […]
Abstract Due to the sanctions imposed by the USA government upon the Iranian health system, achieving the UHC might face some financial problems. This study aimed to make the best solution for the Iran health […]
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