Abstract Novel graphene oxide (GO)-based adsorbent embedded with epichlorohydrin (ECH) as a coupling agent and dimethylamine (DMA) as a ligand (GO-ECH-DMA) were prepared and employed for endotoxin removal from aqueous solutions. The physicochemical properties of […]
Abstract Climate change is a continuous phenomenon that in some conditions it may lead to drought which substantially affects drinking water resources. Also, there may be other associated impacts, such as seawater interruption, water quality […]
Abstract We investigated the removal efficiency of humic acid from aqueous solutions by cotton coated with graphene oxide. This research has been conducted as batch on an experimental scale. A self-arrangement approach was introduced in […]
Dear Editor-in-Chief Suicide and suicide attempts are significant global public health challenge. Among the most common means of suicide worldwide are pesticide self-poisoning, hanging and firearm use. Regarding methods of suicide, studies have identified strong […]