Abstract Background Aiming to enhance quality of care and increase efficiency, public hospitals have undergone several reforms in the course of last two decades in Iran. This paper reports the result of a national research […]
Abstract Background Healthcare systems are always facing increasing public demands to provide better services. Therefore, countries always need more resources and are constantly seeking more fiscal space for health. Freeing up resources through improving efficiency […]
Abstract Background Building upon decades of continuous reforms, Iran has been implementing various initiatives to reach universal health coverage (UHC). Improving efficiency is a crucial intermediate policy objective for UHC. Therefore, this article aimed to measure […]
جلسه ای تحت عنوان هم اندیشی در زمینه سنجش کارایی در نظام سلامت  و چگونگی سنجش بهتر آن روز شنبه مورخ  1397/4/2 با حضور اعضای مرکز و دکتر حسین زاده لطفی استاد و ریاضیدان دانشگاه […]