Brief over view:

The Health Equity Research Center, affiliated to the Tehran University o Medical Sciences, officially started its activity in September 2017. With the efficiency and improvement of the Health System as the main goal and has also been officially recognized as the research center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences for social determinants of health (SDH/SDoh). During this short period from our establishment, the center has been carrying out various activities in the line with its long-term goals such as: attracting and collaborating with people interested in conducting equity research, implementing various research projects in the fields of social damages related to the health system, evaluating health system’s performance/efficiency, induced demand and corruption in the health system are part of the center’s activities so far. In addition to this, the center has organized and held annual specialized meetings in cooperation with other centers, meeting with professors and experts of the field and an international workshop in collaboration with the National Institute of Health Research.

Our place in the university’s organization chart
Our Organization’s Chart

What we do:


We believe in order to make improvements in a system you need to first know the situation; you need information of the current statue of the system. The way to get that is by research!
Our center is a research based center, doing different types of research from case studies to archival and secondary data analysis.
For more information on our published studies, our method of work or information on submitting a proposal or joining our team please click on the links below..

Implementing gathered data:

Gathering information isn’t the end, analyzing it is the next step and the end would be to use what you found and making a change!
It is because of this that our center doesn’t stop at the research level and uses the gathered data in action. We aspire to be a practical research center…

System performance and efficiency evaluation:

The next service that our center provides for the healthcare system is efficiency evaluation. Since we are a research center, and research is finding answers for asked questions, one of our functions is finding the source of problems and identifying the elements causing resource losses and more…

Meetings, workshops and seminars:

In order to keep the information flow, to share and inspire and to keep everything up to date having meetings to report the news and recent findings are a must!
To share our results, keep in close touch with healthcare sector and to educate the members of the system, our center has organized and held meetings and workshops with both national and international partners and professionals…
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