Heathcare services usually have high prices due to their high-tech and delicate nature. But not everyone can pay such fees, especially if the disease in question is a chronic or rare one. This has caused individuals with middle or low income to hold back from demanding or utilizing the care they so desperately need; resulting in lower quality of life or even life expectancies. This is the reason why health insurance and service coverage are two of the most important and fundamental topics of heath sectors all over the world. The percentage of covered care and individuals play vital roles in care access and utilization for many sub-groups of a society. Service cost is one of the main barriers in care utilization and access for the less advantaged groups of every society that inevitably influences equity in health and -if neglected for long- would leave irreversible side effects on public health and the society itself.

This is why the topic of “health insurance” needs an extra and unique attention. The presented book, which is the result of the combined efforts of the Health Equity Research Center and the Iran Health Insurance’s Research Center, has addressed the issue of care coverage, new demands, and the future of health insurance, presenting the needed guidance to implement these new challenges and their solutions in insurance reform plans by explaining Iran’s health insurance’s present structure, history, and future predictions in a methodological and evidence-based manner.

Book Name: Iran’s health insurance reforms to create a sustainable financing system
Authors: Alireza Olyaeeimanesh, Hamid Poorasghary, Mohammad Mahdi Tadayon, Iraj Harirchi, Ali Hassanzadeh, Ali Shojaei, Masood Shajary Poor Moosavi, Esmaeil Abbasi, Morteza Alizadeh Razavian, Hamidreza Safikhani, Tayebe Moradi, Mohammad Moradijo, Irvan Masoodi Asl, Taher Moohebati, Mohsen Najafikhah
Language: Farsi/Persian
Publication Date: 2019
File Size: 5.4 MB
Number of Pages: 284

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