Abstract Background Global concerns regarding the significant burden of non-communicable diseases and injuries (NCDIs) exist from both public health and economic perspectives. Our research focuses on the reduction of fatal risks due to NCDIs and […]
Abstract This review was conducted to assess the capacity of the public sector to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC) based on WHO-PEN standards. A PRISMA systematic search appraisal of […]
Abstract Introduction Health financing systems have a key role in achieving universal health coverage (UHC) across the globe. However, little is known about how best to monitor health financing system progress towards UHC, especially in […]
Abstract Background and Aim It is essential to take action to strengthen the national primary health care (PHC) system. The purpose of this study was to conduct a comprehensive review to find ways to strengthen […]
Abstract Since 2000, many countries have achieved considerable success in improving child survival, but localized progress remains unclear. To inform efforts towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3.2—to end preventable child deaths by 2030—we need […]
Abstract One of the major health problems in most of the countries is vitamin A deficiency, which causes serious complications in children. Worldwide, nearly 2.8 million children aged 4–6 years old are affected by clinical […]
Abstract In the version of this article initially published, an author’s name was incorrect (Yesdhambel T. Nigatu). The correct name is ‘Yeshambel T. Nigatu’. Another author’s name and affiliation were incorrect (Mowafa Housseh; Division of […]
Abstract Introduction Hospital deductions are predominantly costs that are spent by the hospital, but are not funded and reimbursed. The deductions are 10-30% of the hospital income, of which more than 20% of these deductions […]
مقدمه کسور بیمارستانی عمدتاً به مبالغی اطلاق می‌گردد که توسط بیمارستان هزینه شده‌اند اما از جایی تأمین مالی و بازپرداخت نمی‌شوند. کسور اعمال‌شده در واحدهای ارائه‌دهنده خدمت نشان‌دهنده میزان ۳۰-۱۰ درصدی از رقم درآمد بیمارستان‌ها […]
مقدمه جمهوری اسلامی ایران به دلیل تعهد و رویکردهای نوآورانه در مراقبت‌های بهداشتی اولیه مشهور است. در طول بیش از سه دهه، کشور در گسترش خدمات بهداشتی و درمانی اساسی به مردم، به‌ویژه در مناطق […]